My20 ELD Hardware & Operating System Recommendations

My20 ELD requires a subscription service supported by the free My20 ELD app. The following are operating system recommendations to maximize the benefits of the My20 ELD system. Most drivers prefer a separate tablet for their logs.

Apple iOS:

  • Operating System
    • Minimum required: iOS 10.3 or higher
    • Recommended: iOS 12 or higher
  • Apple Smartphone
    • Minimum required: iPhone 6s or higher
    • Recommended: iPhone X or higher
  • Apple Tablet
    • Minimum required: iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2
    • Recommended: iPad Mini 5, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 10.5


    • Operating System
      • Minimum required: Android 6 or higher
      • Recommended: Android 8 or higher
    • Android Smartphone
      • Recommended: Google Pixel 3 or 3XL, Samsung Galaxy S9 or higher
    • Android Tablet
      • Recommended: Samsung Tab S5e (10.5" 128GB tablet) or Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" 16GB tablet

We do NOT recommend Samsung Note 8 because of documented problems that Samsung has not corrected on Bluetooth connectivity for this device. 

We also DO NOT recommend LG phones or tablets due to technical issues with those devices.