Why You Need My20 ELD

The ELD (electronic logging device) mandate deadline is coming up quickly. By December 18, 2017 drivers without ELDs will be fined, and by April 1, 2018, all drivers without an ELD will be placed out of service. The ELD mandate is the FMCSA’s push to further improve road safety for all drivers, commercial or not, and help minimize auto accidents.

ELD Mandate Basics

ELD mandate. E-logs. Electronic logging devices. There is a lot of jargon when it comes to this new ELD law, so understanding exactly what it entails is important for ELD compliance. The FMCA has strict rules regarding Hours of Service (HOS), or how long a driver can legally be on the road getting paid. Up until the ELD mandate was set into motion, paper logs were the go-to for keeping track of hours; however, paper logs can be easily falsified to allow drivers to break HOS laws. In the end, breaking these laws tends to put more fatigued drivers on the road, something just as dangerous as driving drunk, which ultimately raises the possibility for road accidents and fatalities.

In order to combat these roadway safety problems, the ELD mandate requires that all commercial truck drivers have a electronic logging device inside their vehicle as a tamper-proof way to keep track of logged hours (and reduce driver harassment). The final ELD rule was published December 16, 2015, but implementation of an ELD is required by December 18, 2017 (unless you’re exempt). After December 18, 2017, drivers without an ELD will be fined, and after April 1, 2018, drivers without an ELD will be placed out-of-service.

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My20 ELD Performance Benefits

Luckily, Konexial offers the My20 ELD. My20 electronic logging device encompasses everything an independent owner-operator or fleet manager could want (and more) to meet the FMCSA e-logging mandate. With a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful, productive ELD features, My20 ELD is designed to streamline productivity on any drive, as well as increase a driver’s earning potential. My20ELD is also an electronic logging device that’s FMCSA and DOT-certified.

With ELD features like GPS tracking and real-time dynamic load matching with GoLoad, My20 ELD offers everything you or your fleet needs to make the most of your time on the road. Not to mention, My20 ELD offers log auditing, fuel information, time and messaging capabilities, and drive reports — all carefully crafted to keep you on the road as safely and efficiently as possible.

Using an ELD doesn’t have to be confusing or hard to use. In fact, our easy-to-use ELD operation is as easy as downloading the app and installing the My20 hardware to your diagnostic port. From there, simply link to the app on your smartphone using Bluetooth and you’re ready to track HOS, reduce paper usage, and find extra load opportunities. My20 ELD even offers a rewards program that allows drivers to rack up points that can be redeemed for fuel and My20 swag. With all of these ELD benefits, we truly believe the My20 ELD is the best ELD on the market.

Drive With The Best ELD Today

My20 ELD is the perfect solution for any driver or fleet manager looking to comply with the ELD mandate as quickly and simply as possible. Shop My20 ELD today and learn how Konexial’s e-logging device can keep you safe, while improving your bottom line. Contact us directly for more information on Konexial’s affordable ELD: My20.

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