The ELD Mandate is Coming

The ELD Mandate is coming; are you prepared? Being 7 months out from the 2nd Phase of the ELD Mandate, a checklist will be a good start to a smooth transition to the new electronic logging devices; preparing you and your company for the new stage in trucking.

What to Add to Your Checklist:

1. Know the Exemptions

Since the ELD Mandate is still new, check to make sure your company knows the exemptions. See ELD Mandate: Exemption Qualitification. Knowing the exemptions will save you time and money for your company.

2. Know YOUR Compliance Date

The ELD Mandate comes in phases, and the last two phases are deadlines. For the trucking companies using paper logs or logging software, the compliance date will be December 18, 2017. For the trucking companies that installed AOBRDS before December 18, 2017, the compliance date will be December 16, 2019. However, the best thing for trucking companies is to transition now; already implementing the ELDs now will allow the company to be completely ready before the official deadline.

3. Create a Timeline

A timeline will help your company keep track on important days, such as, training events and various meetings pertaining to the ELD Mandate. You can also visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website to find out more information about the ELD Mandate and steps to take on the new transition.

4. Training and Knowing Your ELD

Add training to your timeline; train the managers, truckers, and associates on the guidelines of the ELD Mandate. Allow time for your employees to get to know the ELDs, and the sequences they will need to take before hitting the road. The FMCSA has also provided webinars for testing and compliance, giving information on how to move forward. However, one training event is not enough; refresher events will help you and your employees retain the information they need for the new ELD Mandate.

5. Implementing the ELDs

After training, implementing the ELDs will be your last step; however, don’t forget to continue refreshing your employees on the rules and mandates. Also, maintain the rules and regulations that the mandate states. The ELD Mandate can be a long process, and for some companies, they only have 7 months before it’s implemented. Knowing the information about the ELD Mandate and creating a timeline for your company will allow for a smoother transition into the new world of trucking.

For more information about the ELD Mandate:
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