My20 ELD Supports Light Duty Vehicles and Class 8 Vehicles

With the April 1st ELD mandate deadline quickly approaching, understanding the mandate and e-logs is more important than ever for commercial truck drivers. When many think of commercial trucking, large 18-wheelers often come to mind; however, big rigs aren’t the only vehicles required to track hours of service (HOS) using electronic logging devices.

Commercial Truck Classification

Trucks in the United States are most often classified by the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Classifications range from 1-9 and are divided up by light, medium, heavy, and super-heavy. Classes 1-3 are light trucks like Dodge Dakotas or Ford F-350. Medium trucks are covered in classes 4-6 and include trucks such as the Ram 4500 and International Durastar. Next, classes 7 and 8  encompass the heavy trucks we all automatically think of: semi-trailer trucks and others like the GMC 7500. The last classification, class 9, includes trucks with special duty characteristics.

My20 ELD: E-Log For Light Duty Trucks

Just because you’re not hauling huge freight doesn’t mean the ELD mandate doesn’t apply to you. Drivers operating class 1, class 2, or class 3 vehicles must comply with the ELD mandate, but finding an e-log that works for your vehicle is easier said than done. Not all electronic logging devices are created equal, and they don’t all support all classes of trucks. My20 ELD from Konexial is different, though. My20 is as easy to use in your light-duty truck as it is in the larger rigs; equipped with easy-to-use interface and powerful features designed to simplify every aspect of your drive, simply attach the ELD hardware to your engine, download the app, and drive.

Class 8 Vehicles Are Covered by My20 ELD

For the 4 million drivers operating class 8 heavy vehicles, My20 ELD also works for you. Installing My20 in your rig will ensure you are covered come April 1, 2018. Just as easily as with light-duty vehicles, simply attach My20 hardware to your engine, then connect to the app and you’re ready to drive in complete compliance with the FMCSA ELD mandate. My20 ELD is outfitted with much more than just electronic logs: cut down on empty miles with dynamic load matching (DLM), save money with real-time fuel information, and earn points to redeem on My20 Rewards.

Konexial Products Support Vehicles of All Classes

No matter the class of your vehicle, Konexial has products that work for you. From dynamic load matching software to location-based fuel information, Konexial apps put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Our My20 ELD software makes every aspect of your drive more efficient, while also keeping you in full compliance with the FMCSA ELD mandate, so you don’t have to sacrifice compliance for powerful features. If you have questions about the ELD mandate, compliance, or exemptions, you’re not alone — contact Konexial today.

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