How Konexial and Our Line of ELD Products Work Together For You

Konexial is not just any e-log software developer. While our My20 ELD, My20 Tower, GoLoad, and GoFuel products are designed to streamline every aspect of your drive, that’s not all Konexial cares about. We are committed to improving your economic potential, reducing empty miles, connecting drivers and shippers in a way that breaks barriers and creates community, providing life-affirming, daily encouragement, and promoting the pursuit of better living through making healthy choices. We work together with drivers to form lasting relationships, while ensuring ELD mandate compliance and massively increasing productivity.

Konexial E-Log Products

Konexial is dedicated to ensuring your ELD experience is as easy and painless as possible. Our ELD products are perfect for fleets of any size and are guaranteed to fit any driver’s needs.

My20 ELD

My20 ELD is perfect for independent truck owners and operators who don’t want the hassle of dealing with features designed for large fleets. With e-logs, log auditing, GPS tracking, and more, My20 ELD is powerful, easy to use, and will make sure your driving legally with the upcoming CSA score deadline on April 1, 2018.

My20 Tower

Just like My20 ELD, My20 tower includes all the dynamic features a driver could need, but is more specialized for large fleets and fleet managers. With My20 Tower, utilize dispatching mobile, two-way communication, two-way document flow, fleet reporting, and IFTA fuel tax reporting, all while also keeping up with ELD mandate compliance.

Konexial Apps for Truck Drivers

ELDs aren’t the only think Konexial offers to make your job easier. Our line of apps are designed to keep you driving as many loads as possible while also saving you money in the process and rewarding you for completed jobs.

GoLoad and My20 Rewards

GoLoad is a revolutionary app designed to connect drivers to loads.With GoLoad’s dynamic load matching, drivers are connected with loads based on available hours of service and shippers have the ability to find drivers easily and name their price. With every completed GoLoad shipment, drivers also earn points redeemable at the My20 Rewards store.

How Konexial Works For You

Konexial recognizes that the truck driver is truly America’s hero — from giving up time away from family to driving endless hours day in and day out to ensure our country’s industries run smoothly, we also know sometimes your hard work goes unappreciated. We are dedicated to improving your driving life while increasing productivity and your bottom line. With over 100 years of combined logistics experience, Konexial works hard for you because we’ve been in your shoes. Contact us today for more information about our products and to learn how we can further help you.

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